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Tree Care Professionals Handle Destructive Southern Pine Beetles

Jun 5, 2017 | tree services

There are a lot of invasive pests that can be found around the world. Each one of these pests is a pain for gardeners, homeowners, and business owners. One of the most destructive threats to your pine trees is the southern pine beetle. These insects damage your trees and are quick to move on to other trees. Tree care professionals may be your only hope of saving the trees.

Southern pine beetles are about two to four millimeters in length or about the size of a single grain of rice. They can be a reddish brown in color or black depending on the specific beetle.

When the southern pine beetle enters a tree, it starts to create holes that zigzag throughout the inside of the tree. These zigzags cut off the flow of nutrients from the ground to the rest of the tree. At best, trees can be expected to have four to five months to live once an infestation has begun.

Southern pine beetles are one of the biggest causes of tree death in the southern pine forests. At the beginning of the infestation, the insects are only small in numbers. Later there are thousands of beetles attacking one tree. That can be extremely dangerous to trees, so you need to ensure that every beetle is eliminated.

All types of pine trees are targets for southern pine beetles. That includes pitch pine, white pine, and red pine. Some other softwood trees can be at risk when an area is heavily infested. As of now, there have been no known attacks on any hardwood species of tree.

Here are the signs a tree has been infected by southern pine beetles:

  • Bird-shot spread of holes in the bark of a tree
  • Pitch resin on the outside of the tree
  • Zigzag tunnels under bark
  • Recent pine tree deaths in the area

Getting rid of southern pine beetles is possible. That doesn’t mean it is easy. Tree care professionals have been working to fight these for years. Many of these professionals are certified to take care of garden pests. These experts know a variety of treatments that can be used to get rid of pine beetles.

Your trees are important to you. They provide so many things, from decoration to memories and more. If you truly want to keep them safe, keeping southern pine beetles at bay is crucial. Use this information to identify when you need to have your trees treated or at least inspected.

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